The future of parking has arrived

Reliable smart parking provides real-time data and local turn-by-turn guidance, reducing search traffic and vehicle emissions.



Smart Parking in short

Cleverciti CEO, Thomas Hohenacker, explains smart parking in 90 seconds.


Smart parking: essential in any modern parking operation


Clever technologies

Cleverciti generates data via German-made overhead sensors that identify the position of a parked car or available parking space. The data is processed “at the edge”, meaning the only information leaving the sensor are the GPS coordinates of a parking space and its availability. This approach ensures compliance with all the relevant data privacy regulations.

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of global public parking spaces are now “smart”.


Environmental impact

Many cities across the globe have committed to mitigating the negative impact of cars on the environment. Drivers looking for available parking spaces are not only wasting their time and fuel, their vehicles are also adding to the congestion in the city and emitting CO₂. A recent study has shown that smart parking solutions can save up to 900,000 tons of harmful CO₂ in Germany alone—equivalent to the emissions of half of all domestic air traffic. These savings help cities quickly advance toward their carbon neutrality goals.

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