Turn by turn parking guidance

Parking shouldn’t be left to chance

With smart parking solutions, drivers no longer need to rely on sheer luck when looking for a free parking space.



What is turn by turn parking guidance?

Cleverciti CEO, Thomas Hohenacker, explains how proper parking guidance works.


Turn-by-turn guidance: it’s as good as it sounds


Simplifying decisions at each turn

Driving requires us to make one decision after the other: turn here, stay left, speed up, slow down. Cleverciti simplifies one part of the journey: parking. Turn-by-turn guidance provides navigation at the right time with on-street signage helping drivers to find the most convenient parking space in the shortest amount of time.

Gif 2-min.gif

driver adoption with local signage.


Cutting-edge technologies for clever parking

The data used to provide turn-by-turn guidance to drivers is generated by overhead sensors mounted on existing lampposts or buildings. The real-time information is then relayed to local digital signs and/or the Cleverciti Circ360, a full-circle digital sign that wraps around existing lampposts, fitting in neatly with the streetscape.

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