Smart parking system for truck stops and highway rest areas 

Convenient and safe truck parking for freight and logistics drivers

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Space Management

Provide reliable data for truck and logistics drivers on intelligent parking options along their route, reducing the complexity of having to find a space to park under strict time constraints. Cleverciti’s smart parking solutions include real-time information on available parking spaces as well as dynamic local guidance to make the most of surface parking areas.

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Parking Guidance

Give confidence to truck drivers that they will find an available space while ensuring compliance with driving time restrictions. Drivers can check live availability when deciding where to stop—either via highway signage, by mobile device, or through automated integration with the fleet’s navigation system. Upon arrival, quickly guide them to the right parking aisle, eliminating unnecessary circling.

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in fines

each half hour for exceeding driving time limit.



Issue permits to frequent visitors enabling access to VIP or priority areas. Cleverciti offers solutions that simplify the permit process, increasing compliance, and enhancing the satisfaction of permit holders.

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Monetize the truck parking spaces and simplify the arrival and departure experience with automated payments for frequent visitors. Payment is fully automated with Cleverciti: no action required other than simply parking. With the Cleverciti Card payment is comfortable and seamless, compliance is automatic.

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Dynamic Reservation

Allow frequent visitors to reserve parking spaces ahead of time or as they are approaching the truck stop, giving certainty of space availability at arrival time.

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Incorporate advertising into parking guidance displays, combining useful parking information with advertising for valuable services at the truck stop or from nearby businesses—increasing revenues and helping to fund the parking guidance deployment.

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Smart Lamppost

Smart technologies blend seamlessly into the streetscape when mounted on existing infrastructure such as lampposts. Easily upgrade older lampposts to be the smart hub of the future by equipping them with power and connectivity.

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Truck stop smart parking FAQs

Why is parking such a problem for truckers?

Many countries have imposed very strict laws regarding the maximum hours a truck driver is allowed to drive for. Violations of those laws are fined heavily, potentially costing logistics companies revenue. At the same time, truck drivers are under time pressure to reach their destination as quickly as possible. Smart parking solutions can help simplify the parking problem by providing reliable data on available spaces.

How can smart parking systems help truck drivers park efficiently?

Smart parking systems use sensors that detect the size of a vehicle and the available space, thus making them far more effective than in-ground sensors that rely on uniformly designed parking spaces. The data generated by the Cleverciti sensors can be fed into mobile applications, informing truck drivers of available spaces en route to their destination.

How do smart parking systems identify large vehicles like semi-trailers or lorries?

Smart parking sensors such as the ones developed by Cleverciti can measure the size of a truck as well as that of an available parking space by using edge computing, artificial intelligence, and deep learning.