Getting off to a great start

How drivers get to their destination—stressed and annoyed versus relaxed and cheerful—influences their entire experience. Smart parking solutions make sure the arrival experience is the best possible one.

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Do you know how to improve the parking arrival experience?

Cleverciti COO, David Parker, explains why outstanding service is so important.


Smart parking: improving the arrival experience at every turn


Transformational technology

Parking data generated by overhead sensors can be used locally on parking guidance signs and integrated seamlessly into apps, helping drivers find a space close to their destination with intelligent navigation on their mobile devices. In addition, parking guidance signs can be combined with useful extra information such as emergency messages or the latest weather forecast.


billion hours wasted parking.


Going above and beyond

To make sure drivers enjoy the best possible arrival experience, smart parking not only helps them find a parking space quickly and easily, but it also offers additional services such as dynamic reservation ahead of time and flexible payment options—making sure drivers enjoy the full convenience of smart parking every time.

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