Smart parking system for train stations 

Convenient parking for busy commuters and weekend passengers

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Space Management

The ease of finding parking significantly influences a commuter’s journey, especially considering the time pressure they are under to not miss the train and arrive at their destination on time. Manage parking spaces effectively and offer the best possible service with Cleverciti’s smart parking solutions.

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Parking Guidance

Provide accurate guidance to drivers trying to find available parking under time pressure. Comprehensive local guidance systems dramatically reduce the time it takes to find a parking space. Publishing parking availability for each station online makes it easier for commuters to choose the best station and decide to take the train each day—thereby leading to increased ridership and reduced emissions.

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of traffic is unnecessary.



Issue permits to frequent travelers providing access to VIP parking areas or disabled bays. Cleverciti offers solutions that simplify the permit process, increasing compliance, and enhancing the satisfaction of permit holders.

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Offer more flexible payment options than the traditional per-day or per-month rates—and fully automate payment to save travelers time. Payment is fully automated with Cleverciti: no action required other than simply parking.

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Dynamic Reservation

Allow frequent riders to reserve parking spaces ahead of time or as they are approaching the station. Real-time guidance ensures that drivers are navigated intelligently to a parking space conveniently located near a location of their choice.

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Incorporate advertising into parking guidance displays, combining valuable parking information with advertising from local businesses—increasing revenues for retailers at or around the train station, and helping to fund the parking guidance deployment.

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Smart Lamppost

Smart city technologies blend seamlessly into the streetscape when mounted on existing infrastructure such as lampposts. Easily upgrade older lampposts to be the smart hub of the future by equipping them with power and connectivity.

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Train station smart parking FAQs

Why is smart parking needed for a train station?

Searching for an available parking space is a daily source of frustration for many commuters who are usually under time pressure. In the worst-case scenario, commuters might even opt to simply drive to work instead of taking environmentally friendly public transport options. By offering quick and easy parking and making their journey to work or elsewhere as simple as possible, cities and train station operators can incentivize commuters to take public transport.

How does smart parking benefit train passengers?

Smart parking offers those taking the car to get to the train station to find available parking spaces quickly and easily.

Where are smart parking sensors installed at a train station?

Smart parking sensors can be installed on lampposts or, alternatively, on buildings. By using existing infrastructure for the installation, groundwork can be avoided.