Smart parking system for tourism destinations 

Simplified parking for guests and vacationers.

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Space Management

Cleverciti’s intelligent parking solutions are the first step to ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for visitors. Provide up-to-date information on available parking spaces as well as dynamic local guidance to make the most of surface parking areas. View historical as well as real-time data in the Cleverciti dashboard to predict parking demand, parking habits and more to support smart decision-making regarding infrastructure developments.

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Parking Guidance

Provide accurate guidance to guests and vacationers trying to find available parking to make sure they enjoy the best possible start to their journey. Comprehensive guidance systems not only enhance the flow of traffic and reduce emissions, but they also lead to increased payment compliance.

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abandon a trip due to not being able to find parking.



Monitoring the appropriate use of designated parking zones is often a significant cost factor for parking operators, as is the allocation of special permits. Cleverciti offers solutions that simplify the permit process, increasing compliance, and enhancing the satisfaction of permit holders.

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Overly complex payment processes are one reason for non-compliance when it comes to paying for parking. Payment is fully automated with Cleverciti: no action required other than simply parking. With the Cleverciti Card payment is comfortable and seamless, compliance is automatic.

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Dynamic Reservation

Allow holders of the Cleverciti Card to be allocated a space as they approach their destination, giving certainty they will find a space and ensuring they get the best available spot. Real-time guidance ensures that drivers are navigated intelligently to a parking space conveniently located near a location of their choice.

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Incorporate advertising into parking guidance displays, combining valuable parking information with advertising from local businesses—increasing revenues for local retailers and helping to fund the parking guidance deployment.

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Smart Lamppost

Smart technologies blend seamlessly into the streetscape when mounted on existing infrastructure such as lampposts. Easily upgrade older lampposts to be the smart hub of the future by equipping them with power and connectivity.

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Tourism smart parking FAQs

How can seasonal environments like tourism areas benefit from smart parking?

Smart parking sensors can be mounted seasonally or left idle when they are not in use. Dynamic LED signs such as Cleverciti’s CIRC360™ can be repurposed to show relevant information or advertisements when not used for parking guidance purposes.

What are examples of smart parking in tourist areas?

From beaches to ski resorts, tourist destinations have to account for a large number of tourists competing for the best parking space. Often they will weave through many parking aisles looking for a spot, creating congestion behind them and decreasing the attractiveness of the tourism destination to future visitors. With smart parking, endless searching for a space is eliminated and instead, visitors are guided directly to the most convenient space.

How can smart parking enhance the overall hospitality experience at tourism destinations?

Searching for an available parking space can become a source of frustration for guests who are usually not familiar with the location they are visiting. By offering quick and easy parking and making their journey as simple as possible, tourism operators can ensure that visitors enjoy a hassle-free and seamless experience.