Smart Parking solutions

Space Management

One of the most valuable assets in any city is parking—so why not make the most of it? Manage parking spaces effectively with Cleverciti’s smart parking solutions.



Monitor real-time parking occupancy

Gather and analyze real-time occupancy of each parking space with accurate data updated every few seconds.


Visualize actionable trends

View historical data to predict parking demand, parking habits and more to support smart decision-making regarding infrastructure changes and more.


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Detect floating spaces

Take control of less-defined parking areas by accurately monitoring the position and size of parked vehicles while measuring the length of each available space to determine if another vehicle can fit.


Protect privacy of citizens and visitors with edge computing

Stay compliant with data processed “at the edge”, meaning the only data that leaves a sensor are the GPS coordinates of a parked vehicle or vacant parking space.


Understand parking asset ROI

Analyze and understand parking behaviors to make the most out of available parking assets. Only comprehensive, accurate parking data can ensure cities make the right decisions to grow parking revenues.