Smart Parking solutions

Smart Lamppost

Smart city technologies blend seamlessly into the streetscape when mounted on existing infrastructure such as lampposts. Easily upgrade older lampposts to be the smart hub of the future by equipping them with 24/7 power and connectivity.


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Upgrade existing lampposts

Avoid delays in smart parking deployment by upgrading existing lampposts. This not only makes sense economically, but it also avoids unnecessary road construction.


Power around the clock

Power up to four smart devices day and night regardless of whether the streetlight is on or off.


Want to see how this works for you?

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Smart device hub

Allow other smart devices to be added such as those measuring air quality, traffic congestion, or additional sensors that are part of the smart city deployment.



Deliver connectivity to every device on the pole, either via cellular (LTE) or via the existing power line.


Lighting control

Minimize energy use by controlling streetlights via a schedule defined in a centralized dashboard while allowing for power to be delivered to the lamppost day and night.