Clever parking for a healthy climate

Almost a third of traffic in urban areas is parking search traffic, meaning that drivers circling around while looking for a free parking space are contributing greatly to the environmental pollution in any given location. Smart parking solutions help solve this problem.


Do you know how parking impacts the climate?

Cleverciti COO, David Parker, explains how smart parking can reduce harmful emissions.


Minimizing emissions with every clever parking event


Effective reduction of pollution

Parking search traffic makes up approximately 30% of all traffic in urban areas—making it a major contributor to environmental pollution. By deploying smart parking solutions that helps drivers find available parking spaces more quickly and easily, the amount of time drivers spend circling around unnecessarily can be reduced. A recent study has shown that smart parking solutions can save up to 900,000 tons of harmful gas in Germany alone.

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million metric tons of CO2 emitted from parking search.


Acting against global warming

Urban traffic makes up 8% of the EU’s total emissions and approximately 30% of that traffic is the result of parking search, so smart parking can reduce total emissions by more than 2%—a figure that is very difficult to achieve with any other single solution.

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