Smart Parking solutions


Overly complex payment processes are one reason for non-compliance when it comes to paying for parking. With the Cleverciti card, payment is fully automated: no action required other than simply parking. This makes payment comfortable and seamless, and compliance is automatic.


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Seamless digital service

Implement hassle-free payment by enabling automatic payment upon arrival. Transactions can be made via a prepaid account, monthly by credit card, or via PayPal. Drivers receive a notification on their smartphone after departing from the parking space regarding the fee they have been charged.



Incentivize drivers to pay for parking even if they are only staying a few minutes by offering micropayments for short parking intervals.


What to see how this works for you?

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Pay by use

Enable drivers to automatically pay for the precise duration of the parking event, thereby simplifying the parking process and increasing parking compliance. No need to search for coins and meters or predict parking duration beforehand.


Flexible payment options

Offer practical payment options such as monthly invoicing or prepaid parking, where users of the Cleverciti Card can top up their card via credit card or bank transfer whenever the balance is running low—as simple as a prepaid mobile.