The new standard in parking

SaaS turns what was previously a large up-front investment with the risk of unexpected upgrade or replacement expenses in the future into a simple, easy-to-plan solution — a simple monthly or annual fee in exchange for a fully-managed, always-on, smart parking solution.


What exactly is Parking SaaS?

Cleverciti COO, David Parker, explains how the modern SaaS model has come to parking.


Clever end-to-end solutions for smarter parking


Full-service solution

Instead of just buying sensors or signs, you buy a subscription to a full parking solution. That includes support, software and hardware upgrades, and even replacement of any failed or updated hardware—making your life easier and parking management more efficient than ever before.


Maximize ROI

SaaS helps maximize ROI by spreading the cost over time instead of making a large upfront investment. In addition, the responsibility for hardware and software upgrades is on Cleverciti as the service provider, allowing clients to focus on tasks that are really important.