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Space Management

For corporate campuses that service a large workforce, communication is critical to the effectiveness of a smart parking solution, not to mention increasing productivity by reducing the headaches of searching for parking. Cleverciti sensors capture valuable data that can be used to increase flexibility, efficiency, and availability of parking in today’s busy corporate campuses. It provides a highly reliable solution that enhances convenience, builds loyalty and brand engagement, maximizing ROI and streamlining the parking experience.

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Parking Guidance

Provide accurate guidance to drivers trying to find available parking under time pressure. By guiding each arriving employee directly to the most convenient space, the valuable time saved can be invested in productive work or giving back personal time in the morning.

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Issuing a digital permit to each employee allows for optimization of the use of limited available spaces—like hot-desking for parking. With digital permits, authorizations can be changed easily as promotions or transfers to other buildings take place.

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of overall traffic is from parking search.


Dynamic Reservation

Allow employees to be dynamically assigned a space as they approach the office. Spaces can be appointed based on preferred building entry, seniority level, special needs or vehicle type.

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If employees are charged for parking it should be simple and seamless. With the Cleverciti Card, parking events can be charged automatically without any actions taken by the driver. Charges can go to a personal card or be logged as a payroll deduction. 

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Smart Lamppost

IoT technologies blend seamlessly into the environment when mounted on existing infrastructure such as lampposts. Easily upgrade older lampposts to be the smart hub of the future by equipping them with power and connectivity.

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Office smart parking FAQs

How does smart parking benefit company employees?

Smart parking simplifies the parking process, meaning that employees find available spaces in less time without having to circle around a parking lot or garage unnecessarily. In case all parking spaces are occupied, real-time data fed into a mobile application can inform employees of the situation ahead of time, so they can revert to alternative parking or means of transport.

How does smart parking work in indoor parking structures?

A smart device is placed within each vehicle and the location of the vehicle is published when it parks. With such a system, the precise location of every vehicle in the structure is known and guidance can be provided to available spaces.

How can smart parking save time for employees?

Smart parking solutions guide drivers to the most convenient parking spot quickly and easily, thereby eliminating the need to rely on luck alone when looking for available space.

How can smart parking help with recruiting and employee retention?

The convenience offered by smart parking can be used to incentivize existing as well as potential employees.