Making the most out of every space

Smart parking helps parking asset owners and operators, cities, and civic authorities analyze and understand parking behaviors—ensuring they have all the parking data they need to maximize parking revenues.


Do you know how much a parking space is worth?

Cleverciti CEO, Thomas Hohenacker, explains how to get the most out of a single parking space.


Optimizing the use of parking areas


Realizing the full potential

In many cities, parking areas are a widely under-utilized asset whose full potential value is not well understood. Reliable data generated by smart parking technologies can help city officials understand and measure the use and value of each parking space. With data as a foundation, the spaces can be effectively managed and their use optimized,  for example by deploying dynamic pricing or repurposing certain spaces to loading zones during off-peak parking hours.

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billion Euros lost in parking revenue.


Clever advertising

Parking guidance displays such as the Cleverciti Sign and the Circ360 combine valuable parking information with advertising messages, increasing revenue for local retailers while transforming parking guidance from a cost to a profit center.

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