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Hassle-free parking and less complexity for patients, visitors, and staff

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Space Management

Provide a seamless and hassle-free experience for patients, visitors, and hospital staff. Manage parking spaces effectively and offer the best possible service with Cleverciti’s smart parking solutions. View historical as well as real-time data in the Cleverciti dashboard to predict parking demand, parking behavior, and more to support smart decision-making.

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Parking Guidance

Provide accurate parking guidance to drivers trying to navigate under the stressful circumstances of visiting the hospital. Comprehensive guidance systems both enhance the flow of traffic and minimize the time a patient spends searching for a space, making for the best possible overall experience. This reduction in traffic congestion benefits not only patients and visitors but also hospital staff.

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Monitoring the appropriate use of designated parking zones is often a significant cost factor for hospital facility management, as is the allocation of special permits. Cleverciti offers solutions that simplify the permit process, increasing compliance and enhancing the satisfaction of permit holders..

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Overly complex payment processes negatively influence the parking experience while also being time-consuming. Payment is fully automated with the Cleverciti card: no action required other than simply parking. Seamless payment options eliminate the hassle of having to spend time waiting at the payment kiosk or looking for coins.

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Incorporate advertising into parking guidance displays, combining valuable parking information with advertising from businesses in the area—increasing revenues for retailers and helping to fund the parking guidance deployment.

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Smart Lamppost

Easily upgrade older lampposts to be the smart hub of the future by equipping them with power and connectivity. Smart lamppost systems blend seamlessly into the current environment when mounted on existing infrastructure.

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Hospital smart parking FAQs

How does smart parking provide a better experience for hospital patients?

Smart parking enables hospital patients and visitors looking for available parking spaces on hospital grounds to find a free spot quickly and easily. Digital signage at critical decision points helps navigate drivers, simplifying the parking search and eliminating the need to circle around endlessly. In addition, smart parking systems provide easy and hassle-free payment options.

How does smart parking work with indoor and outdoor parking areas?

Parking sensors such as the ones developed by Cleverciti can be mounted indoors as well as outdoors, thus providing real-time data on all available parking spaces.

How can Cleverciti smart parking solutions give access to different parking areas for different types of people at a hospital?

With Cleverciti’s solutions, managing and monitoring permits for different groups of people (i.e. staff, delivery, pick-up) is easily done via the Cleverciti Card. In addition, spaces can be assigned to staff dynamically, ensuring that health workers benefit from convenient and safe parking spaces.