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Space Management

Eliminate the logistical chaos by precisely locating any vehicle in inventory by stock number, VIN or license plate with Cleverciti’s smart parking solution. This also helps to identify double- or triple-parked vehicles from a dashboard or mobile device to ensure porters bring the keys they need to access the desired vehicle. Receive alerts of required maintenance intervals such as car washes or battery charging.

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Parking Guidance

Guide porters to the best available space using Cleverciti’s mobile app for porters or with local digital signage at each zone or parking lane.

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Smart Lamppost

Easily upgrade older lampposts to be the smart hub of the future by equipping them with needed power and connectivity. IoT technologies blend seamlessly into the existing environment when mounted on existing infrastructure such as lampposts.

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Fleet management smart parking FAQs

Are smart parking systems accurate even with hundreds of cars on a lot?

GPS is not accurate enough to determine which parking space each car is using. Purpose-built smart parking sensors can provide the exact location of a car within 10” (25 cm) using the patented Cleverciti Card.

How can smart parking monitor the constant change in inventory?

Smart parking sensors or the Cleverciti Card provide updated information on a vehicle’s parking space each time it is parked. The precise location of each vehicle in inventory can be monitored effectively via the Cleverciti Cockpit, a convenient dashboard and management console.

How can the exact location of a car be identified in a large parking lot?

The Cleverciti Card is placed within each vehicle and shares the location of the vehicle in real-time with the Cleverciti’s space management solution.

How can smart parking solutions be used as an inventory management tool?

Smart parking solutions such as the Cleverciti Cockpit dashboard and Cleverciti Card allow for a real-time overview of all occupied spaces as well as the size and model of the vehicle occupying them. Therefore, solutions such as this can be used to effectively monitor large or small scale vehicle inventory.

What are the benefits of deploying smart parking solutions for rental companies, vehicle logistics companies, and corporate fleets?

Rental companies, vehicle logistics companies, and corporate fleets face the challenge of having to accommodate many cars in a limited space, making it difficult to retrieve and find vehicles quickly. Smart parking provides an intelligent solution for the storage and easy localization of vehicles in large commercial parking lots.