Smart Parking solutions

Curb Management

With more people ordering online and using ride-hailing services, managing the curb is becoming increasingly important. In addition, delivery trucks and pick-up/drop-off activities block streets, cause congestion, and create traffic hazards. Effectively managing delivery and loading zones can solve these issues while also providing a valuable source of income.


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Monitor loading zone occupancy

Monitor loading zones and no-stopping/standing areas by providing real-time insights about occupied parking spaces and areas.


Identify vehicle by type

Control the available loading spaces by using overhead sensors that can identify the size as well as the type and operating company of the vehicle.


Assign permits and permissions

Issue permits in advance to authorized curb users and grant permissions to specific zones.


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Allow real-time reservations

Reduce congestion and emissions by offering real-time reservations for delivery and pick-up drivers. Reservations can be requested and assigned automatically, allowing delivery drivers to be routed through the urban landscape based on their allotted time slots.


Offer micropayments

Incentivize companies to pay parking fees by enabling per-minute micropayments for deliveries and pick-ups that typically only take a short time.