cleverciti cockpit

The smart parking dashboard where everything comes together

Get access to real-time parking data with the Cleverciti Cockpit to simplify operations and reduce parking complexity. The integrated smart parking management platform is a cost-effective solution to increase parking revenues and improve the overall driver experience.


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Analyze real-time parking data

Gain access to live control and occupancy data to enable better decision-making based on real facts.


Benefits of real-time data analysis


Grow parking revenues

Generate additional revenue by optimizing the usage of the space dedicated to parking.


Simplify reporting

The data collected in the Cockpit allows for full transparency into parking operations and financials.


Hassle-free management

Manage the Circ and Sign guidance displays, changing templates for special events or configuring settings such as time-based brightness. Customize the available parking spaces by categorizing, reserving or assigning them.


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Streamline processes with seamless integrations

Integrate third-party solutions such as payment providers, parking search apps, or third-party garages via REST API. All data runs through the Cockpit and is available via API to ensure a seamless, connected system.


Want more specs?

Download the Cleverciti Cockpit Datasheet now.


Cleverciti Cockpit FAQs

Who can have access to the Cockpit?

Users can be defined with different levels of access, ensuring all stakeholders throughout the organization have access to the data they need.

Who do I contact if I have questions while in the Cockpit?

The Cleverciti support team is happy to assist at any time. Access support by logging into the Cockpit or contacting your Cleverciti account representative.

How does the Cockpit compare with other smart parking dashboards?

The Cockpit integrates system management and real-time data in one intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard. Manage your entire parking guidance system from a single pane of glass.

How can I share the reporting in Cockpit?

Reports can be exported for deeper analysis, and data is available via REST API to integrate with third-party systems.

How can parking operators create a dashboard for smart parking?

A dashboard is crucial to understand the current state of the parking operation and analyze historical trends. Parking operators can use the Cleverciti Cockpit to bring all their parking occupancy and guidance data together in one place and make it easy to manage their operations.

What components should be included in a parking dashboard?

A dashboard should not just provide insight into basic metrics like occupancy but also help to analyze trends over time to identify business opportunities.