cleverciti circ

The next level of guidance and communications for parking areas

Transform parking search by providing real-time guidance to available spaces. With its unique circle design, the Cleverciti Circ™ wraps around the existing lamppost, fitting in neatly with the streetscape—unobtrusively guiding visitors to the nearest parking.

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Parking guidance wrapped around smart lampposts

The Cleverciti Circ guides visitors approaching from any angle. Positioning a Circ at every intersection and every parking aisle makes the search for a space quick and easy, reducing traffic congestion and emissions.


Benefits of the Cleverciti Circ


Seamless interaction

The Cleverciti Circ interacts seamlessly with the larger Cleverciti Sign, Cleverciti Sensors, and can also display third-party data. Together they form the perfect parking guidance system in any demanding environment, reducing congestion and emissions while increasing parking revenues.

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degrees, omnidirectional LED display.


Boost revenue with advertising

The Cleverciti Circ is easily visible to all drivers, making it a perfect advertising channel. Advertising revenues can further increase the ROI of the solution.


Innovative product family

The Cleverciti Circ comes in different sizes: the Cleverciti Circ360 is an omnidirectional floating LED sign that displays live parking information and messaging. The Cleverciti Circ180 is a  half-circle version best suited to one-way streets or other areas where drivers will only see the sign from one side.

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Cleverciti Sign FAQs

Why is local parking guidance so important?

Local parking guidance significantly minimizes search traffic, helps ease congestion in cities, and reduces vehicle emissions. Finding a free parking space easily in a stressful environment also enhances customer experience, thus improving revenue and payment compliance.

How simple is it to manage the messages displayed on the Circ?

The messaging displayed can be managed via the Cleverciti Cockpit, an easy-to-use dashboard that allows for on-the-fly adaptation to the guidance plan, special events messaging, or emergency alerts.

Why does the Cleverciti Circ come in two sizes?

The Circ360 is an omnidirectional sign designed to fit snugly around lampposts. Drivers approaching from any direction can read the messaging displayed there. The Circ180 is a half-circle version specifically designed for purposes such as one-way streets or other areas where drivers will only see the sign from one side.