cleverciti card

Permit, payment, and guidance with one card

The Cleverciti Card is the first system to seamlessly combine outdoor and indoor parking guidance, including single-space occupancy detection—all in a single smart card. The patented Cleverciti Card is designed to provide integrated, frictionless permit, payment, and parking guidance for drivers, and offers a complete management solution for parking operators in a variety of industries.

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Enhancing the parking experience

The Cleverciti Card identifies the precise location of the vehicle it is placed inside, and is associated with permit, payment, and vehicle identification data. It enables drivers to receive a geo-fenced push notification to assign a free space upon approach, before they receive specific guidance to the nearest authorized space. Finally, it allows for precisely identifying the location of a parked vehicle for later retrieval.


Benefits of the Cleverciti Card


In-depth parking management

Organizations can gather new levels of intelligence about their parking operations. When combined with the Cleverciti parking management platform, this correlated data streamlines parking management and guidance for surface lots and parking garages.

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months of battery life, USB rechargable.

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Seamless payment

The Cleverciti Card measures the exact length of the stay of a parked vehicle, enabling micropayments as well as pay-per-use for frequent parkers. Searching for small change or queuing at the parking kiosk becomes a thing of the past with the card as payments are fully automated.


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Cleverciti Card FAQs

What makes the Cleverciti Card different from a smart parking app?

The ClevercitiCard is a new, patented, digital smart parking system—an active card the size of a regular credit card but a bit thicker, positioned on the windshield, the dashboard or in the glove compartment of a vehicle. When placed inside a vehicle it activates only when the car is parked in a designated parking area. Furthermore, the card measures the exact length of stay of the parked vehicle. It can be connected to a wide array of additional data, as desired by the parking operator and/or the user.

Can the Cleverciti Card work with hundreds or thousands of cars in a lot?

Yes, the Card was designed to support thousands of vehicles in a single location, precisely detecting the location of each within 25 cm/10”.

How exactly does the Card detect the location and size of vehicle?

The Cleverciti Card automatically transmits its exact parking position via radio to anchors placed around the perimeter of the parking area. The size, type, and other vehicle characteristics are associated with the card when it is provisioned. The position is accurate within an unprecedented 25 cm/10”—precision that is impossible with GPS.

How is the Cleverciti Card powered?

The battery powering the Cleverciti Card lasts for up to twelve months before it requires charging. It can be charged via mini USB while still inside the car, or in stackable mass chargers for large applications.