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Add parking guidance to existing apps

With the Cleverciti App components, finding an available parking space doesn’t have to be stressful anymore: navigate drivers to the most convenient space and display current parking availability as well as popular points of interest.


Easy integration into existing apps

Cleverciti recommends that instead of deploying a separate app for parking navigation, its mobile app features should be integrated into existing apps of a city, location or parking operator with user adoption. Adding parking features further increases adoption of the app and is easier for the user. In situations where no existing app is available, Cleverciti offers a standalone app which is white-labeled for the client.


Benefits of integrating the Cleverciti App components


Seamless payment options

Cleverciti’s data can be integrated into existing mobile payment applications, allowing the driver to enjoy a seamless experience from finding a free parking space at the desired location to making the payment, all in the same application.


Additional advertising

The “Hotspots” feature helps to promote local businesses and can serve as an additional advertising revenue stream. It allows the users to see a list of stores or points of interest in the vicinity (“Hotspots”) and helps them find the nearest available parking space to the location of their choice.


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