Become a Clevercitizen

 Cleverciti is the leader in comprehensive, high-tech solutions for outdoor and on-street parking detection, monitoring, and guidance. A smart parking career at Cleverciti is one where you can make a real impact, both on the environment and on the daily life of citizens globally. 

To us, AI, deep learning, edge computing, and IoT are not just buzzwords—they are the core of the products we build and the tools we use to make a difference every day. 

Since the company’s launch, we have invested our time and resources in developing the best technology and hiring the best people to form a global company that values hard work and innovation. Our team members are the most innovative individuals in smart parking—the backbone of our company and the reason for our success in innovation, leadership, and support.

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Why we exist

At Cleverciti, we reduce traffic and emissions, offer an outstanding customer experience, and improve quality of life.


Our core values

As Clevercitizens, we ensure that what we do makes a positive difference for our planet and the lives of the people on it. Together we apply advanced technologies to solve real problems for our customers and the world. In doing that, we think beyond borders, building solutions and organizations with a global impact. We bring together a multitude of individual cultures, skills, and expertise to create something truly unique and valuable together.

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