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Space Management

Remove the frustration of airport parking for busy passengers, win back business from off-airport parking, and monitor pick-up/drop-off zones for security risks due to overstays. With Cleverciti’s smart parking solutions, managing parking spaces goes hand-in-hand with offering the best possible service and security to travelers from all over the world. These solutions include comprehensive dashboards allowing for real-time monitoring of occupancy and enabling smart pricing decisions.

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Parking Guidance

Provide accurate guidance to drivers trying to find available parking under time pressure. Comprehensive turn-by-turn guidance systems help navigate travelers to a parking space, thereby providing superior service while also enhancing the flow of traffic and reducing emissions at airports.

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of people avoid driving to airports due to problems finding parking.



Monitoring the appropriate use of designated parking zones is often a significant cost factor for airport parking operators, as is the allocation of special permits to staff. Cleverciti offers solutions that simplify the permit process, increasing compliance, and enhancing the satisfaction of permit holders.

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Offer a premium experience to frequent travelers with fully automated parking payment: no action required other than simply parking. With the Cleverciti Card payment is comfortable and seamless.

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Dynamic Reservation

Allow drivers to reserve parking spaces ahead of time. Real-time guidance ensures that passengers and staff are navigated intelligently to a parking space conveniently located near the terminal entrance of their choice.

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Incorporate advertising into parking guidance displays, combining valuable parking information with advertising from airport shops—increasing shopping revenues within the terminal, and helping to fund the parking guidance deployment.

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Smart Lamppost

IoT devices blend seamlessly into the streetscape when mounted on existing infrastructure such as lampposts. Easily upgrade older lampposts to be the smart hubs of the future by equipping them with power and connectivity.

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Airport smart parking FAQs

How does smart parking work for airports?

Smart sensors mounted on existing infrastructures such as lampposts and buildings gather real-time data on the size and location of available parking spaces. Local guidance ensures that drivers know immediately upon entering the airport’s surface parking lot or garage how many spaces are available. Digital signage at critical decision points helps navigate drivers to available parking spaces.

What are the benefits of a smart parking system for airports?

Smart parking solutions make sure that travelers start their journey on a positive note by ensuring that they find a convenient parking space quickly and easily, ideally located near the gate of their choice. Furthermore, seamless payment options eliminate the hassle of having to spend time waiting at the payment kiosk or looking for small change before heading home or to the next location.

How do smart parking systems help with payment at an airport?

Smart parking systems simplify the payment process. With the Cleverciti Card, for example, transactions can be made via a prepaid account, monthly by credit card, or via PayPal. Drivers receive a notification on their smartphone after departing from the parking space regarding the fee they have been charged. Furthermore, options such as pay-by-use and micropayments incentivize drivers to pay for short parking events such as drop-off or pick up.

How can smart parking provide a better experience for travelers and airport staff?

Finding a parking space ahead of a journey is often a source of stress for travelers. Smart parking reduces the complexity of a confusing driving environment by providing in-depth guidance to available and conveniently located parking spaces. Similarly, airport staff benefits from smart parking systems that allow a quick and seamless parking experience ahead of their workday or night shift.

How can smart parking solutions guide passengers to the best possible space within the best possible airport parking lot?

Smart parking solutions help guide travelers to an available parking space close to their departure gate. Dynamic local guidance provides easy to follow, turn-by-turn navigation so that parking is hassle-free.

How can smart parking help airport parking operators to compete against off-airport parking?

Off-airport parking frequently offers cheaper prices, guaranteed availability, and higher levels of service. Passengers can be encouraged to park on-airport when they can be assured of parking availability in advance and when they are offered a premium level of service upon arrival, guiding them directly to the best available space.